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Alpacas as Therapy

At Treeside Alpacas, we often find the end of a hard week can be best spent with the Alpacas. Walking them across our trek and spending time with them can be very therapeutic. In recent years, Alpacas have become part of Animal-Assisted Therapy (AAT) which is where a trained animal can be used as part… Continue reading Alpacas as Therapy

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Winter Trek Dec 2015

Despite the wet and windy weather we have been experiencing in the UK, treks are still ongoing and this past weekend was no exception! Our visitors got wrapped up and stuck in to a very scenic trek around the farm. One alpaca was enjoying the wet weather far too much, and decided he would go… Continue reading Winter Trek Dec 2015

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Name that Camelid!

So here at Treeside, we often get asked the difference between Alpacas and Llamas, so we decided to give you a run down on the main ones. Both Alpacas and Llamas are Camelids from South America but differ in size, shape and produce; for example Alpacas are kept mainly as fibre producers with a fleece… Continue reading Name that Camelid!