So squishy!

Many a knitter, crocheter, spinner lust over the soft and silky fleece of Alpacas, and even more so once they learn of its fineness, thermal qualities and excellent durability despite how lightweight the fleece is! It has an amazing lustre (sheen/shine) that attracts many of us to buying jumpers, blankets, scarves all through craft fairs,… Continue reading So squishy!


Busy busy busy

It's been a busy start to the New Year here at Treeside; we have been busy updating our business cards and flyers for visitors to the farm; it has been hard work but all the designing and proof reading has definitely paid off! Photos of these to follow 🙂 Over the past few weeks, we… Continue reading Busy busy busy

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Name that Camelid!

So here at Treeside, we often get asked the difference between Alpacas and Llamas, so we decided to give you a run down on the main ones. Both Alpacas and Llamas are Camelids from South America but differ in size, shape and produce; for example Alpacas are kept mainly as fibre producers with a fleece… Continue reading Name that Camelid!