Meet the boys

Chester is our tallest Alpaca, a gentle giant with a very peaceful nature. He joined us in 2013 at 5 years old. He was named Chester as the name seemed to suit his large yet sweet natured character. Chester always walks pleasantly and is well liked among newbie trekkers who want a quiet walker. He always walks his best with Bruno whom he stays close to in the paddock.

Ambo is a fawn Alpaca, also part of our first Alpacas joining us at 2 years old. He is one of our noisiest and greediest Alpacas, always stopping to feed in the hedgerows along the trek route. We have to watch his diet! He used to be content to walk in the middle of the group, very laid back and would sooner eat than cause conflict or mischief in the herd, however he has now been retired and enjoying life in the field with Kimbo!

Kimbo is one of our first Alpacas, joining us at 2 years old. He has always been the confident one, being the first to hand feed and always walking first on treks. He is calm and confident, being particularly tolerant and considerate of our younger or newbie trekkers! He is definitely a crowd favourite due to his lovely temperament and charm for photos! Kimbo has now been retired and is enjoying life in the field with Kimbo!

Bruno is our youngest Alpaca joining us in 2013 when he was 2 years old. He is our smallest Alpaca as well but has a character much bigger than himself with a top knot to match. Bruno likes to think he’s in charge but Kimbo soon puts him in his place. He loves puddles and baths just like his brother but loves walking with Chester.

Bomber joined us in 2013 at 4 years old and he has since settled in with the herd well. Bomber happily meets new visitors to the farm and is very inquisitive, investigating all areas of the paddock. He joins the group eagerly for treks and enjoys walking with new people.