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Welcome to Treeside Alpacas

Treeside Alpacas is a small family-owned business, currently housing eight Alpacas at Moss Carr Farm, Methley. On this working family farm, the Alpacas are available for a 3km trek which encounters woodland paths, shaded lagoons and fantastic views of Yorkshire countryside whilst getting to know our eight boys.

Treeside Alpacas was originally made up of four Alpacas whose names are Wellington, Nelson, Ambo and Kimbo. Then in 2013 four new editions were added and these are called Chester, Bomber, Bailey and Bruno. Each Alpaca has their own individual personality which really shines as you spend time with them. Despite originally being two separate groups, they have become a close-knit bunch and are now inseparable!

The family are here and waiting for you to share in their enthusiasm for Alpacas and the relaxation they can provide. Come by, make new friends and have an experience you will want to share with everyone.

We will shortly introduce to all eight boys personally but for now please take some time to visit our website for more information and booking enquiries.

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