About Treeside

Our story starts on a family holiday in Devon back in 2003. Whilst searching for ideas for days out, a small black and white photograph in a local paper caught our attention. Alpacas! From then on ensued months and months of endless research, devouring all the information about Alpacas we could get our hands on. And then eventually in 2006, four gentle furry friends came to us from Devon, back where the initial spark began. From that day on Alpacas have become a major part of the Steel family, with us rehoming an additional four Alpacas in 2013.

In this past year, 2017, we have gained momentum with our business attending shows and events around Yorkshire including the Wool Festival at Armley Mills and Yorkshire Day at Lotherton Hall, as well as numerous village fetes. These events are very popular with the public and the Alpacas, providing the perfect photo opportunity, even a cheeky selfie! We want to further develop Treeside now by attending more events, making improvements to our base, and maybe even acquiring some more furry friends.