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Alpacas as Therapy

At Treeside Alpacas, we often find the end of a hard week can be best spent with the Alpacas. Walking them across our trek and spending time with them can be very therapeutic. In recent years, Alpacas have become part of Animal-Assisted Therapy (AAT) which is where a trained animal can be used as part of a treatment plan to help emotional disorders such as stress or even to encourage physical therapy by walking with an Alpaca.

Whilst our Alpacas are not specifically trained for AAT, spending just a small amount of time with them helps to relax you. People often comment on the calm nature of Alpacas and we can’t disagree! Why not come and spend a lovely trekking afternoon with us and find out about Alpacas for yourself? Get in touch through our Facebook page @

All the best from the Treeside Alpaca family!


2 thoughts on “Alpacas as Therapy”

  1. It is so neat to see you are utilizing alpacas for AAT. They are so calming. I often go to the barn just to de-stress. There’s something about an alpaca face that never fails to win over a smile.

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