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Wellington: the bootiful one!

Wellington was one of the original four alpacas to join Treeside Alpacas back in 2005.

Collecting the original four alpacas; Wellington is in the purple collar on the right.

He is cream/white with the most brilliant of topknots as can be seen in his photos below; he always seems to look down his nose at you, but thats just to see out from under his topknot!

Before the alpacas were collected, names were already being thrown in the mix for them despite not knowing them all that much. Wellington, though, could not have been more of a perfect name for two reasons:

  1. When sheared, Wellington still looks like he is wearing boots,
  2. And two, he is always the first to go dunking his feet into the water bath. He could do with some actual wellingtons!

Wellington is also Matthew’s favourite Alpaca here at Treeside, but don’t take his word for it, come and meet them yourself! Wellington and Nelson with Matthew

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