Treks are the best!

3 Alpacas ready for treks!

Trek? What’s a trek?

When we as Treeside Alpacas, try to explain what we do here, we get any number of questions. What’s a trek? Where do you do treks? How many Alpacas do you have? People pay to walk them?

That last one is particularly interesting; why do people pay to walk our Alpacas? Opinions on Alpacas or any animal really, varies amongst us all. To us and our customers, Alpacas are beautiful, funny, calming, relaxing and well worth sharing a walk with. Their calming and placid nature attracts many people to our farm, and encourages them to return time and time again.


Another reason our customers come to our farm is because Alpacas are unusual. Most visitors have never seen an Alpaca in “real life” or up close, and they are intrigued by them. These treks are wonderful for us, as we see the enthusiasm someone has after seeing Alpacas for the first time. We spend most of the trek answering excitable questions, witnessing their awe when hand-feeding and their big smiles when  they take photos with them. We are happy when someone can enjoy being with them as much as we do!


Another reason customers come for a trek is due to a recent surge in Alpaca and Llama popularity. “Alpac-a-bag” and “No prob-llama” are puns which have been everywhere recently, and this adds intrigue and humour to Alpacas. They become cute and funny, which to be fair, are descriptions they can more than live up to!


So have you been for a trek with us? What made you come? We would love to know! If you haven’t yet come for a trek, take a look at the rest of our website, you’ll soon be convinced to come to the farm!

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