Wool Festival Preparations

It’s been such a long time since I wrote a post; we have been so busy here at Treeside! We have been making further preparations for attending Leeds Armley Mills Wool Festival by buying gazebos and paste tables, making up signs for people to find us, and making rather interesting things to sell as mementos of visitor’s time with us!

For example we have made these cute Alpaca stuffies filled with our own Alpaca’s fleece from cotton fabric, and hope these will appealing to people of all ages.


Then we made pincushions for those crafty people attending the wool festival; again these are filled with our own Alpaca fleece, and although small they are quirky enough to remember us by!


Finally we have been bagging up our fleece to sell to those who come on our Alpaca mini treks so they have a small piece of the Alpaca they have walked, be it Wellington, Ambo, Chester or Bailey or any of our 8!

If you can attend the Wool Festival this June we strongly urge you to do so, and if not, we hope to see you for a trek some time in the future. Don’t forget you can now buy trek gift cards from us for a special someone’s birthday, or for us in the UK Father’s Day is next month so maybe a special treat for Dad can be a trek with some woolly friends!12931138_581451265348092_5848692802972598939_n

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